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Buildings can be built on the lots in and near your city. Buildings serve different purposes, from gathering resources to training units.

  • Building Embassy.png Embassy - The Embassy is where you access Alliance functions.
  • Building Trade Council.png Trade Council - The Trade Council allows you to trade with Allies.
  • Building Institute.png Institute - The Institute is where you research new technology.
  • Building Blacksmith.png Blacksmith - The Blacksmith is where you forge equipment.
  • Building Stables.png Stables - The Stables are where the Cavalry train.
  • Building Target Range.png Target Range - The Target Range is where the Archers train.
  • Building Barracks.png Barracks - The Barracks are where the Infantry train.
  • Building Siege Works.png Siege Works - The Siege Works are where the War Machines are constructed.
  • Building Workshop.png Workshop - The Workshop is where traps are made.
  • Building Drill Grounds.png Drill Grounds - The Drill Grounds is where your troops gather before being dispatched.
  • Building Hall of War.png Hall of War - The Hall of War is where your troops and allied troops gather before a rally.
  • Building Farm.png Farm - Farms are where Grain is produced and stored before collection.
  • Building Lumber Mill.png Lumber Mill - Lumber Mills are where Lumber is produced and stored before collection.
  • Building Iron Mine.png Iron Mine - Iron Mines are where Iron is produced and stored before collection.
  • Building Silver Mine.png Silver Mine - Silver Mines are where Silver is produced and stored before collection.
  • Building War Tent.png War Tent - War Tents increase the number of soldiers you can train at one time and their training speed.
  • Building Field Hospital.png Field Hospital - Field Hospitals are where wounded soldiers are treated after a battle.